Every five years, all water corporations in Victoria are required to undergo a pricing review and determination by the Essential Services Commission. This sets out our charges and tariffs for residential and business customers for the next five years. It also identifies our key projects and priorities for the future.

For us, meaningful customer input into determining our future priorities was an important part of this process. We held more than 50 Water Cafes to engage with you about our services and where you thought we could improve. We also asked you to complete an online survey and held a ‘Mini Public’ to further discuss and explore findings from initial customer responses.

We heard your feedback, and we’ve been working to include it as part of our action plan during this pricing period. We’ll continue to provide updates on our progress on different projects and outcomes.

Our Price Plan 2018-2023 has four main areas of focus:

  • The best price for customers
  • A renewed focus on water quality and supply
  • Modern and thoughtful customer service
  • Meaningful environmental and recreational outcomes.

This is in addition to delivering on our commitment to provide high quality, reliable services which meet standards approved by the ESC.

► Our Price Plan 2018-23 on a page (PDF, 406kB)

Price Plan 2018-23 Information Sheet (PDF, 686kB)

► View our Price Submission (PDF, 1.8MB)

► View the ESC's determination (PDF, 773kB)

Each year, we hold an Annual Performance Forum, where a representative group of customers meet to discuss our progress under the 2018-23 Price Plan and play a critical role in assisting with decision-making on key projects. 

You can see a wrap video from the May 2019 forum below : https://youtu.be/3E-LSrRobco