1C) A 30% reduction in the usage tariff for all customers receiving non-potable water

About this project

Under the Australian Drinking Water Guidelines, non-potable water is water that is not of drinking quality, but may still be used for many other purposes, depending on its quality. Potable water is water of a quality suitable for drinking, cooking and personal bathing.
Goulburn Valley Water supplies six towns with non-potable water, rather than potable water. These towns are Corop, Goulburn Weir, Kirwans Bridge, Molesworth, Strathbogie and Woods Point.
Customers receiving non-potable water had been paying the same price as customers receiving potable water.
Previous in-depth engagement with affected customers indicated dissatisfaction with paying the same tariff as customers with potable water.

Actions to date

We acted in a timely manner by introducing a 30% reduction in the usage tariff for non-potable customers from July 1, 2018.

What's next?

We will continue to engage with customers about pricing and collate their feedback to measure their satisfaction with the reduction.

Our accountability for this project?

Our price path was subject to approval by the Essential Services Commission, which also monitors the ongoing delivery of our 2018-23 Price Plan.

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