3A) A more efficient and consistent customer experience - through implementation of our customer at the centre strategy

About this project

Results from GVW’s Annual Customer Service Evaluation Research Survey indicate that overall our customers are satisfied when dealing with GVW (95% overall in the 2019 survey). A new approach in our customer service groups, following some frustration stemming from inconsistent service in previous surveys, has contributed to an overall satisfaction boost for our customers shown in new research.
Through internal and external consultation, GVW is committed to improving customer service across the business – through digital enablement, first contact resolution, information transparency and GVW having a greater understanding of our customers’ needs.

Actions to date

We’re in third year of our Customer Strategy, where we aim to deliver an excellent experience for every customer by listening to and understanding our customers’ values, enabling our people with the right tools and skills, basing business decisions on what customers value and continually measuring our performance to keep improving.
Our Customer Experience Group meets regularly to determine how best to implement the strategy and review our actions to boost customer satisfaction. Our Communications and Engagement Strategy provides opportunities for a range of engagement opportunities across the IAP2 engagement spectrum, including providing notification and feedback on planned works events through SMS and our APF.
A project to identify and understand customer segments, behaviours and preferences will improve service delivery, and we’ve mapped six key customer journeys to understand and improve ‘pain points’.

What's next?

We are committed to ongoing development and training for all GVW staff, particularly for customer-facing team members - a customer service training program will be rolled out in 2020-21.
Journey mapping will continue over the next two years and we’ll continue to deliver our customer culture program to improve staff awareness. We’ll also continue implementing new digital tools and strengthen the use of existing tools to improve our customer-at-the-centre focus, such as online engagement and survey platforms and portals. An enhanced customer relationship management approach will also continue to improve customer experience.
We’re also closely monitoring customer satisfaction, feedback and comments; and feeding it back into the organisation to bring about change.

Our accountability for this project

The results of our annual Customer Satisfaction Survey will be reported to customers each year and considered at each Annual Performance Forum to seek customers’ views on any action needed. Where there is any shortfall in performance against the previous levels we will undertake targeted improvement activities to close the gap.

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