3D) Ongoing opportunities to express preferences and expectations - through a range of culturally-embedded engagement processes

About this project

Previously, the water industry’s focus was primarily telling customers what they were delivering – now, we want to engage with you at every stage of the decision-making process.
We’ll be working to embed this process across our entire organisation - to ensure you are continually heard, your concerns are addressed, considered and understood, and that you have the opportunity to provide your thoughts, and at times, be empowered to make binding decisions.

Actions to date

We’ve committed to holding an Annual Performance Forum each year - this is an important mechanism which allows us to listen to and act on the views of our customers, and also to ensure that we are accountable to our promises. The first one was held in May 2019 with great feedback from participants and was highly successful. We’ve also held two Customer Carbon Advisory Group forums with valuable input and great feedback.
We held more than 15 water cafes across the region, before the introduction of restrictions in response to the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic during traditionally one of the busiest times for these events.
We have refined a survey for customers to provide feedback on notifications for supply interruptions - we’re currently seeing a 93% satisfaction rate.

The annual Customer Satisfaction Survey’s latest results show 95% are satisfied overall with GVW and confidence in us is building - up to 95% from 91%.
In 2019, we also ran a focus group with APF customers from Kilmore to understand more about perceptions on intelligent metering; and a community meeting and survey for residents in Katunga to understand their thoughts on their water pressure.

What's next?

We plan to review and update our customer engagement plan to make sure we connect with all of our customer groups, including business customers and CALD communities.
Coronavirus has changed the way we interact and engage with our customers in 2020 and we may see these impacts continue for several months. However, this can offer opportunities to engage in new and exciting ways.
We’ll also continue to engage with people in our communities by hosting Water Cafes where possible, (including ones to support community event and those to gather critical feedback), community meetings such as the APF and investigate other opportunities to gauge customer opinions, including our customer satisfaction and brand surveys.
We have ideas about further engagement opportunities with customers and communities, including a youth event to understand the issues and priorities of the next generation of GVW customers.

Our accountability for this project

The Annual Performance Forum will consider the success of the ongoing engagement activities (as well as progress against the delivery of other outcomes) and make recommendations for any improvements required.

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