4B) Ongoing participation in the choice and design of carbon emission solutions - through the carbon-neutrality customer group

About this project

We have developed a Climate Change Mitigation Strategy, but it will require decisions to be made in coming years and we want customers to be involved in this process. Engagement on our Price Submission also supported the involvement and consultation of customers on carbon emissions reduction. This means we can tap into innovative, out-of-the-box thinking, particularly when the group is required to consider new and emerging technologies.

Actions to date

The Carbon-Neutrality Customer Group - since renamed the Carbon Customer Advisory Group - has been formed and has met on various occasions to discuss scope for local solutions, preferences and synergies. We have recruited strategically for this group so all viewpoints across the customer base are represented.
The CCAG met in June and November 2019 and was due to meet in June 2020. However, this meeting has been cancelled due to the restrictions currently in place on group gatherings in response to the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. The group has considered and provided input on topics including Scope 1 offsets, solar (stage 1 and 2) and more. The previous meetings were very successful and participants reported it was valuable and informative.

What's next?

Our group will continue to meet twice a year to ensure all components of potential solutions are workshopped and the preferences of our customers are understood. We expect the next face-to-face meeting to occur in November and a key topic for discussion will likely be Scope 2 emissions as GVW works to refine its options.

Our accountability for this project

The group has been convened. It will report annually on its utilisation and effectiveness as a customer voice in the methods to reduce carbon emissions.

For this information in PDF form, click here to download the factsheet (PDF: 703.4KB)