4D) Access to fresh drinking water in public places in all towns supplied with potable water

About this project

We’re committed to providing community access to our drinking water to encourage more people to drink water more often.
Community feedback during our Price Submission indicated strong support for the expansion of the program for the provision of the hydration stations for greater and ongoing public access. This project also links in closely with our Choose Tap campaign, which encourages people to drink more tap water using refillable bottles, rather than purchasing bottled water. This project will see a total of 40 permanent hydration stations installed in towns across our service area to ensure there is at least one in each of our 48 towns supplied with potable water by the end of the current Price Plan period.

Actions to date

We’ve committed to installing eight permanent hydration stations per year. We’ve worked on a roll-out plan and engaged with communities to identify suitable locations, and install them in partnership with a local organisation or council.
In 2019-20, stations are being/have been installed under Memorandums of Understanding at: Mooroopna, Tatura, Merrigum, Murchison, Kyabram, Tongala, Katamatite and Cobram.
As well as an online location map, we’ve refined our agreement process and we are working closely with local councils to target key locations for future installations. We’ve also taken on responsibility for maintenance and operation of the stations to encourage communities to install a station.

What's next?

We’re proactively identifying towns without stations ahead of the 2020-21 roll-out and are working with local government and communities in these areas to identify suitable locations. We’ll also continue implementing a plan to promote the stations and encourage communities to use them once installed. 

Our accountability for this project

A prioritised list of hydration station installations to cover all of our towns over the Price Period will be developed. In the event of a hydration station not being delivered within the indicated timeframe, each customer in that town will receive a GSL payment of $20 for each year of delay. 

For this information in PDF form, click here to download the factsheet (PDF: 978.5KB)