There are simple things that you can do each day to help reduce water consumption around the home and garden, which will also save you money. Remember to Target Your Water Use and use our precious water wisely.

You can read your meter and calculate your water usage at any time which will give you an indication of how much water you use in a given period.

View our Fact Sheet (PDF: 56kb) to learn about how water is used in your community.

Follow the Permanent Water Saving Rules

An easy way to be waterwise is to follow the Permanent Water Saving Rules, which are a set of simple, common sense guidelines to encourage people to use water wisely and efficiently. 

These include:
► Only watering your garden with an automatic sprinkler system between 6pm and 10am
► You can use a garden hose at any time if it's leak free and fitted with a trigger nozzle
► Using a broom or a blower to clean hard surfaces.

You can use a garden hose at any time if it's leak free and fitted with a trigger nozzle.

Save water in your home

Around 40% of the water we use inside our home is used in the bathroom and toilet. To reduce your water consumption, you can:
► Cut down your shower time and use a timer - four minutes is a good benchmark
► Turn the tap off while you're brushing your teeth
► Use the half-flush button on your toilet
► Check for any leaks or dripping taps
► When you buy a new washing machine, make sure it's got a high water efficiency rating (4 stars or higher). ► Front loaders are also more water efficient
► Wash a full load (dishwasher or washing machine)
► Wash or rinse vegetables or plates in a plugged sink, not under running water

Save water in your garden

Up to 50% of all household water used in our region goes onto the garden which is worth remembering when making water conservation efforts at home. Our Community Waterwise Display Garden brochure has information about waterwise plants for your garden.  Our Tree roots and pipes information sheet highlights the problems that tree roots can cause to underground pipes, and lists some of the problem species.

Easy ways to be waterwise in the garden include:
► Choose plants that are drought tolerant
► Use mulch on your garden beds to reduce evaporation
► Wash your car with a trigger nozzle on the lawn
► Water your lawn for longer and less frequently to encourage deeper root growth
► Use a pool cover and only top up if neccesssary

Save water at your business

By being water wise at your business you can save water as well as money.

Click here for tips and advice about how to save water at your business.

Want more information? Smart Approved WaterMark has more great Smart Water Advice that can help you save water in and around your home or business.