General sponsorship

Our sponsorship program considers proposals from individuals, groups, schools or community organisations for activities, events, drink bottles, other merchandise and programs, providing us with opportunities to build relationships and develop partnerships with the communities we service.

If you wish to apply for sponsorship, please read our Sponsorship Guidelines (PDF, 181kb) and complete the form below.

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Permanent Hydration Station community installation program

Applications now open! 

Complete our Expression of Interest application form (PDF, 88kb) for our Permanent Hydration Station installation program for 2022-23. Applications will close at 5pm on Tuesday, 23 August 2022.

As part of our commitment under our Price Plan 2018-23, we’ll install a hydration station in each town in our service area supplied by potable water - at least eight will be installed each year during the price plan's five-year period.

We’re asking communities to nominate their town and a suitable location to install a free water refill unit, valued at $6000.

Prior to submitting an application, groups must work with their local council to identify and approve a suitable location (i.e. visible, highly utilised area, accessible to the whole community, easily connectable to nearby water main). Applications must be supported by the relevant council.

We’re encouraging everyone to use these free stations and refill a reusable bottle and Choose Tap water – it’s a better decision for the environment and your wallet compared to buying bottled water.

The stations also offer an opportunity for the community to stay hydrated – particularly in the warmer summer months.

We partner with community organisations and local councils to install the station.

We’ll then work with the successful communities to finalise a location – which will benefit the whole community – and work through the process for installation. Stations must be installed by the end of June each year, under a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) as agreed between GVW and the applicant/s or the supporting organisation.

Some towns may not be eligible if they already have a similar unit installed by us – you can contact Karen on 5832 4824 for more information on applying and eligibility.

Portable hydration stations

Our Portable Hydration Stations are available through sponsorship arrangements for eligible outdoor community events. They are a great way to offer free water at your event.

The sponsorship value of the portable hydration station is $500 per day provided as 'in-kind' support.

Conditions for booking a water hydration stations include:

  • Bookings must be made at least four weeks in advance.
  • Spring and summer months are very popular, requests during these times will be accepted on a first case basis.
  • The event must be at a location with a dedicated water connection to our reticulation system.
  • Public Liability certificate is to be provided.

Our Portable Hydration Stations are available through sponsorship.

Staff Charity Fund

Our staff charity fund has an eligibility criteria in order to access donations contact for more information.