Across our region there are nearly 7,000 non-residential properties we provide services to. These range from commercial businesses such as take-away shops, shopping centres, schools and hospitals, through to major industries such as canneries, dairy processors and abattoirs.

We have around 20 water customers in the region using over 50ML each per year. These major customers, many of which are fruit industries, accounted for over 60% of the non-residential water consumed last year. The other 40% was used by other smaller or less water-intensive businesses.

As a business customer your are responsible for your water meter as well as water and sewerage pipes on the property side of your meter. This includes connection with our sewer branch which is usually inside the property boundary. Further information about your responsibilities can be found on our help and advice page and in our Customer Charter.

We are committed to providing safe and reliable drinking water of a high quality which consistently meets the Victorian Safe Drinking Water Act and Australian Drinking Water Guidelines. Our treatment processes, asset maintenance programs and over 70,000 annual water quality tests provide assurance that water reaching your tap protects your health, your wallet and the environment.