Recycled water is used for irrigation at farms that we manage and where excess water is available, by third party re-users. Third party agreements for the use of recycled water exist with numerous farming enterprises and golf clubs.

Specialist management and regular monitoring is required when using recycled water for irrigation to ensure it is environmentally sustainable and that groundwater pollution, salinity and rising water tables do not occur as a result.

View our Fact Sheet (PDF: 88kb) to learn about how water is recycled after treatment. 

To maximise the use of recycled water, winter storage lagoons have been constructed at all Wastewater Management Facilities (WMF) and our land available for irrigation increased. These improvements have resulted in full re-use of recycled water at most facilities.

Recycled water is used for irrigation at farms.

All WMFs operate under a Corporate Licence that controls discharge to land, water and the air. It is our primary objective to promote the beneficial re-use of recycled water within industry and the general community to conserve the dwindling water resources available in the Goulburn Valley.

Recycled Water Agreement
We are continually looking for new recycled water customers. If you are interested in partnering with us to use recycled water for irrigation, please contact us for more information.