Our Customer Charter sets out the details of all our service levels for water, wastewater and trade waste services to our customers. It explains your rights and obligations as customers and the rights and obligations of Goulburn Valley Water and is approved by the Essential Services Commission.

Customer Charter 2018-23 (PDF, 7.9MB)
Summary - Customer Charter 2018-23 (PDF, 1.6MB)

Please contact us if you require assistance with our charter in a language other than English.

We have temporarily amended our Customer Charter to incorporate National Cabinet principals. These principals cover hardship support during the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. This amendment is also in line with the Essential Services Commission amendment to their Customer Service Code

A summary of these support principals are:

  • Encourage customer to contact their service providers at the earliest opportunity to discuss their situation.
  • Establish clear processes to identify, and to promote and appropriately manage households and small businesses experiencing financial stress; including small businesses eligible for the JobKeeper payment, such as customers who:
    • Repeatedly fail to pay bills on time
    • Submit questions or issues to customer service centres
  • Offer households and small businesses that indicate they may be in financial stress the option of going on a payment plan and/or other flexible options including bill smoothing, flexible repayment options, payment deferrals, extension and access to Centrepay or other payment services.
  • Be prepared to modify existing payment plans if a customer’s changes circumstances make this necessary.
  • Do not disconnect or restrict supply to households or small businesses in financial stress.
  • Defer referrals of households and small businesses in financial stress for debt recovery/collection proceedings and credit default listings.
  • Waive late fees, interest charges and charges for collection of overdue amounts for households and small businesses in financial stress.
  • Provide clear, up to date and readily available information about arrangements available to those in financial stress via multiple physical and digital communication channels.
  • Provide advice to households and small business customers about appropriate government concession programs and financial counselling services, and strategies to reduce their bills, and/or consumption of the service, in order to reduce future payment difficulties.

Minimise the frequency and duration of planned outages for critical works, and provide as much notice as possible to assist households and businesses during any outage

Complaints and Disputes
We recognise that complaints provide a means for improving customer service and are committed to ensuring all complaints are dealt with in an efficient, effective and timely manner.

Further details regarding our complaints handling process are available in our Customer Charter and here.