We recognise that complaints provide a means for improving customer service.

We are committed to ensuring all complaints are dealt with in an efficient, effective and timely manner. We recognise, promote and protect our customers’ right to complain.

We will respond promptly to your complaint and will do our best to make sure the problem is resolved to your satisfaction. If we are unable to solve it immediately, we will keep you informed on how we are going.

We take all complaints seriously. Where possible, complaints should be directed to the person or team that has previously been handling your matter. If you are not satisfied with the initial response you receive, or would prefer to discuss the matter with someone else, you can contact our Executive Manager - Governance and Quality Systems.

Complaints may be made in the following formats:

You have a right to:

  • A personal or telephone response within two business days where there has been personal or telephone contact with us and we have been unable to solve the situation immediately.
  • A written response (where requested) to an enquiry or complaint, dealing with the substance of the enquiry or complaint, within 10 business days, or advice when a reply will be received if the enquiry or complaint is complex.
  • Know the reasons for our decision, including details of the legislative or policy basis for the reasons (if appropriate).

Disputes over money
If your complaint involves a disagreement over money you owe, we will not seek payment unless the dispute has been resolved in our favour. You must, however, pay any other amount which your owe us and which does not directly relate to your complaint.

Not satisfied with the outcome?
We are committed to working with our customers to achieve positive resolutions.

Any assessment undertaken by our staff will be objective and transparent and we will ensure that all our customers are treated with dignity and respect throughout the process.

If you are not satisfied with the outcome of the initial process you may request your complaint be referred to our Managing Director for further review. Our Managing Director will make sure that the matter has been properly investigated and that the final decision meets all our customer obligations.

Our reply will give you reasons for the final decision. If you are still not satisfied with the reply, you have the right to seek external resolution of the problem. This is achieved by contacting the Energy and Water Ombudsman Victoria on 1800 500 509 who will provide an independent complaints and dispute resolution service.

We strive for continuous improvement by regularly monitoring complaints in an endeavour to identify and rectify systematic and recurring problems and thereby improve the quality of the services we provide to our customers. Please see our Customer Complaints Policy (PDF, 99kb) for more information.