Update - March 1 2023

We've finished removing the sludge from the lagoons at the Mansfield Wastewater Management Facility, completing the first stage of the project. About 1000 tonnes of biosolids was removed, which is now being dried to then be re-used as nutrient-rich materials on farms. This is a key part of our sustainability practices, where we create opportunities to reuse  materials as part of circular economy practices. 

We thank residents for thier patience and understanding while this key maintenance work is being carried out, which will optimise wastewater treatment at the site for 20 years or more. 

Sludge being removed during the process.

January 2023

Goulburn Valley Water will be undertaking deslugding works at the Mansfield Wastewater Management Facilities during January, February and March to improve the wastewater treatment process. 

Wastewater treatment processes create byproducts, including biogas and biosolids. Biosolids are solid waste produced by the bacteria that are breaking down the wastewater, which then settles to the botttom of the wastewater lagoons, creating a sludge layer. This builds up over time (about 10 years) and can create odour. To maange this, we remove sludge from the lagoons when it reaches high levels. 

Desludging is undertaken by siphoning the sludge (biosolids) from the lagoon floor without emptying it, enabling the wastewater treatment process to continue.

A side effect of desludging is that when sludge is disturbed, it can produce unpleasant smells.

We're working with the Environment Protection Authority (EPA) to ensure there are no health risks associated with the works. It is expected however, that there will be a disruption to aesthetics due to an increase in odours.

Smells will vary throughout the project depending on weather and environmental conditions.

Residents experiencing odours can report them to us by phoning 1800 454 500.

You can read more in our Fact sheet - Mansfield desludge project (PDF, 2MB)