Installing a new generator to boost power in outages at Mansfield


The Kareen Hills treated water storage at Donovans Way services many customers on the north-eastern side of Mansfield. It consists of a low-level zone that relies on pressure from the clear water storage (CWS) located near the top of the hill and high level-level zone.  Pressure for the high-level zone customers is maintained by a pressure pump system.  In the event of a power outage, customers in the high-level zone have little to no water pressure or flow, due to the small elevation difference bwetween them and the CWS. 

Key project summary

There is currently a project scheduled for completion in 2028/29 that includes the installation of a generator for these pressure pumps to ensure water supply continuity if there is a power outage.

With an increase in customers to the area, we are working to bring forward the installation with the completion now set for 2023/24.

Project updates

3 April 2023
The generator is on order, and is expected to arrive in mid to late April.

We've also completed early works for construction, incluing geotechnical and civil/structural designs. We're also expecting delivery of concrete for a slab and other associated inftrastructure also in late April.

After this, we can begin electrical works. We'll keep updating this page as the project progresses.

Yea generator (similar design)

Project overview

The Kareen Hills site now has houses on two sides with development beginning on the third side. This means noise reduction will be an important part of this generator installation project.

The location for the generator has been designed with a future re-chlorination project in mind. The nominated location is in the southeast corner of the site, refer to the image below. This uses the smaller concrete tanks to help block noise to the house on the western edge of the site.

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