Our water meter replacement program and coronavirus (COVID-19)

SMS Update:

The water meter which services your property is owned by Goulburn Valley Water. These meters require replacement by GVW once they have reached a certain age or usage limit. This letter is to advise that your meter is due for replacement.

Contractor ‘New Plumbing Solutions’ will be replacing water meters on properties in your area from Monday 11th October to Friday 24th December 2021 and will attend your property somewhere between 7.30am and 5.00pm on one of these days to complete the changeover. You can read more info about the meter program below.

Replacing your meter does involve an interruption to your water supply, but for most people this will be quite short – no more than 20 minutes.

Our staff are working to continue to provide essential water and wastewater services and our critical maintenance and repair programs are still underway, including our ongoing water meter replacement program.

We’ll let you know if your meter is due to be replaced via a letter or SMS notification if we have your mobile phone listed. We’ll also give you the opportunity to opt out if you wish. We also ask that you let us know if you are isolating because of a suspected or positive confirmed test for coronavirus (COVID-19).

Most of the time works will be carried out on the street/footpath but we may need to access parts of your property to change your meter. If you are concerned about this and would prefer we didn’t come onto your property, you can opt out by phoning us anytime on 1800 454 500. We’ll come back another time to replace your meter. You don't need to be home while we change over your meter, but if you are, we will generally knock on your door to let you know when the new meter is being installed. Please make sure there is easy access to your water meter by cutting plants back or removing any covers/obstacles.

Replacing your meter does involve an interruption to your water supply, but for most people this will be quite short – no more than 20 minutes. We encourage you to fill containers to use for handwashing, drinking or cooking during this time.

You can find more information about GVW and COVID-19 here.

Goulburn Valley Water undertakes water meter replacements on meters that are more than 17 years old or have delivered more than 5000 kL of water to the property. The program is designed to ensure readings remain accurate for our customers.

If your property has been identified as requiring a replacement water meter, under the Water Act 1989 Clause 133 – Power to enter land, Goulburn Valley Water is required to give you 7 days’ notice before entering your property. 

Water meter replacements are undertaken by a contractor on behalf of Goulburn Valley Water. Their staff will require access to your water meter on the day works are to take place and will need to turn your water off for a short time (usually less than 30 minutes) to undertake the works.

You do not need to be home whilst the works are undertaken however, we do ask that you assist by ensuring there is full access to the meter (including through locked gates if relevant) and any animals on your property are restrained. If you are home, the contractors will knock on your door to let you know that they have arrived and when your water will be interrupted. 

If for any reason the works cannot be undertaken on the scheduled day, the contractor will knock on your door to explain the reasons. If you are not home, a note will be left explaining why the works have not taken place. You will receive additional notification when the works are rescheduled.