In partnership with local councils we have now rolled out 68 permanent hydration stations, across every town our service region with a drinking water supply. 

People now have access to water across recreational facilities, rail trails and parks where they can fill up their own reusables water bottles to stay hydrated.

Water has so many benefits for your health, as well as the environment and your hip pocket – one litre of bottled water can cost the same as 9000 glasses from the tap.  These encourage our communities to live more sustainably and to make better decisions for the environment.

Hydration stations help reduce single use plastic by encouraging people to bring their own reusable bottle to fill up while they out and about. More than 373 million plastic bottles go to landfill every year across Australia, these stations create an easy way to make more environmentally friendly water refill choices.

Having won awards for the best tasting water in the region, we are very fortunate to have such high-quality water, helping contribute to the liveability and recreation in each town.

The new stations now touch-free and feature auto-sensors for easy and safe community use.