National Water Week is celebrated during October each year across Australia.

To celebrate National Water Week, we organise free events, competitions and activities for school students and members of the community. Water Week celebrations help raise awareness of the need to value and conserve water as a precious resource that brings life and prosperity to our region.

This year we are celebrating National Water Week with online videos brought to you by water corporations across Victoria. Throughout the week there will be a theatre performance, tours, activities, story time and more.

Below is a preview of the program for 19-25 October.  Links to each video will be available from Monday 19th October. Some events are live and require booking in as places are limited.

Feature Events

  • Tapstar Saves Water
    • Eaton Gorge Theatre Company brings us their popular water performance. Audiences will be entertained with a vibrant and energetic experience, while learning how to save water, why tap water is the best drink and what shouldn't go down the toilet and plug hole.
    • Audience: Kinder - Primary
  • ​Nova's Reflections
    • Join Melbourne Water's Principal Advisor Aboriginal Engagement - Nova Peris OAM as she reflects on the Water Week theme 'Reimagining our Water Future'.
    • Tuesday 20/10: 11:30am - *Live Event: Book Here
    • Audience: Primary - Adults
Science Activities
  • Water Cycle in a Bag
    • Learn about the water cycle and how to make your own in a bag!
    • Additional resource - Worksheet (PDF 273 KB)
    • Audience: Kinder - Primary
  • ​Walking Water
    • Learn how water moves and discover the primary and secondary colours!
    • Additional resource - Worksheet (PDF 796 KB)
    • Audience: Kinder - Primary
  • ​Rain Gauges
    • Learn what a rain gauge is and how to make your own!
    • Additional resource - Worksheet (PDF 471 KB) 
    • Audience: Kinder - Primary
  • ​The State of Water
    • Did you know that water behaves differently when the temperature changes?
    • Additional resource - Worksheet (PDF 253 KB)
    • Audience: Kinder - Primary
  • ​Water Filters
    • Experiment with different household items to make your own water filter. What items work best?
    • Additional resource - Worksheet (233 KB)
    • Audience: Secondary
  • Water Bugs
    • Join Waterwatch to learn how to collect and identify creatures living in our local waterways.
    • Audience: Primary-Secondary

Story Time



  • Create a Frog-Friendly Habitat
    • Learn how to create a frog pond and frog friendly habitat. You will also learn about Victorian frog species.
    • Thursday 22/10: 4:00pm - *Live Event: Book Here
    • Audience: Primary - Adults
  • ​Climate Change & the Sewerage System
    • Managing the effects of climate change and population growth across the Melbourne sewerage system.
    • Tuesday 20/10: 11:30am - *Live Event: Book Here
  • Innovations in Water Management
    • Kids Teaching Kids Director Arron Wood presents a documentary about the innovations in water management since the Millennium drought. A range of water users are visited during the video.
    • Audience: Secondary - Adults
  • Going Green When We Clean
    • Discover simple eco  friendly recipes for home cleaning products.
    • Additional resource - Recipe Sheet (PDF 1 MB)
    • Audience: Adults
  • Toilets and the 3Ps
    • Ann and her friend Denise show what should and shouldn't be flushed.
    • Audience: Kinder - Primary
  • Environmental Water
    • Learn about the balance between water for human use and the environment.
    • Audience: Primary-Secondary
  • ​The Story of Plastic
    • Where do plastics end up after they leave the recycling bin? A film about the stages of plastic production and the waste it leaves behind.
    • *Limited links: Book Here
    • Audience: Secondary - Adults

Virtual Tours
  • Augmented Reality Application
    • Bring your device and learn how to enter the Western Treatment Plant with this augmented reality experience.
    • Thursday 22/10: 10:30am - *Live Event: Book Here
    • Audience: Primary - Adults
  • Water Treatment Plant Tour
    • Discover the different processes and technologies used to create clean and safe tap water with this tour of the Daylesford Water Treatment Plant
    • Audience: Secondary - Adults
  • ​Laboratory Tour
    • Central Highlands Water Laboratory has been operating for more than 40 years. Take a tour of this NATA accredited lab.
    • Audience: Secondary - Adults