National Water Week is celebrated during October each year across Australia.

To celebrate National Water Week, we organise free events, competitions and activities for school students and members of the community. Water Week celebrations help raise awareness of the need to value and conserve water as a precious resource that brings life and prosperity to our region.

This year we are celebrating National Water Week with Explore Your Backyard, an online festival celebrating and nurturing the connection to Country and water during National Water Week, 18-24 October 2021. The community are invited to join live webinars, on-demand workshops and access resources designed to get you outside, using water efficiently in the garden and improving neighbourhood diversity.










dirtgirlworld Education Pack

This year we are excited to be teaming up with dirtgirlworld. dirtgirl and her crew have created a Water Week education pack that is jam packed with videos, songs, activities and more. Check out the education pack by clicking the above image.  Audience: Kindergarten - Lower Primary

Explore Your Backyard Launch with Costa the Garden Gnome

Join Costa the Garden Gnome for the launch of Explore Your Backyard. This event will celebrate the amazing ways Victorians are saving water in their gardens. There will be a chance to ask questions about how you can contribute to water savings in your backyard. Audience: Kindergarten - Adults

  • 4:00pm - 4:45pm, Sunday 17th October 2021
  • Watch the recording of this event on Youtube

Birdlife Australia

Learn how to identify birds in your backyard, how to help birds by providing habitat and how you can participate in Birdlife's bird surveys. Audience: Primary - Adults 

  • 12:30pm - 1:30pm, Thursday 21st October
  • Watch the recording of this event on Youtube

The Ins and Outs of a Bug Hotel

Explore the benefits of insects in helping to pollinate plants and learn how to make a bug hotel to encourage more insects into your garden. Audience: Primary - Adults. View video

Providing Water for Wildlife

Healesville Sanctuary Vet Kath shows us the best way to leave water out for local wildlife during the summer months.  Audience: Kindergarten - Adults. View video

Garden Water Wise Tips - Mulching

Mulching your garden can save up to 70% of water from evaporating. Find out about different mulches and help your garden thrive. Audience: Primary - Adults. View video

Planting Native and Indigenous Plants in your Backyard

Learn how to select and plant native and indigenous plants in your garden to improve the biodiversity of insects and native fauna that visit your patch. Audience: Upper Primary - Adults. View video

Plant Finder

Discover what plants are right for your climate, soil type and maintenance level. Audience: Upper Primary - Adults. Visit Website

Water Cycle in a Bag

Learn about the water cycle and how to make your own in a bag! Audience: Kindergarten - Primary. View videoDownload worksheet (PDF 273 KB)

Walking Water

Learn how water moves and discover the primary and secondary colours! Audience: Kindergarten - Primary. View videoDownload worksheet (PDF 796 KB)

Make your own Rain Gauge

Learn what a rain gauge is and how to make your own! Audience: Kindergarten - Primary. View videoDownload worksheet (PDF 471 KB)

The State of Water

Did you know that water behaves differently when the temperature changes? Audience: Kindergarten - Primary. View videoDownload worksheet (PDF 253 KB)

Watery Storytime and Singalong

Join Sammy the Snake, Frances the Frog, Alice and Alison for story time and a singalong! Audience: Kindergarten - Lower Primary. View video

Whizzy's Incredible Journey

Listen to the story of a water drop travelling through the water cycle and learn some easy water efficient tips children can do each day. Audience: Kindergarten - Lower Primary. View video

The Water Princess

The story of a young girl who dreams of bringing clean water to her African village. Audience: Kindergarten - Primary. View videoDownload worksheet (PDF 75 KB)

Water Cycle Meditation

Relax and learn about the water cycle with this guided mediation. Audience: Kindergarten - Adults. Listen to audio MP3Download lesson plan (PDF 978KB) 

Water Wise Chatterbox

Download and print this origami chatterbox to help teach children about the importance of using water wisely! Audience: Primary. Download worksheet (PDF 52KB)

How does Revegetating near Waterways Improve Water Quality?

Bass Coast Landcare Network & Westernport Water staff will explain how planting indigenous plants around waterways and on cleared farmland near our open catchment improves raw water quality. Audience: Secondary - Adults. View video

Willow Control in our Waterways

Working for Victoria completed some important work removing willows from waterways. Audience: Secondary - Adults. View video

Going Green when we Clean

Discover how to make five cheap and effective household cleaners that are a great eco-friendly alternate to many store bought products. Audience: Secondary - Adults. View videoDownload recipes (PDF 991 KB)

Creation of a Scar Tree

Join Wadawurrung Traditional Owners and CHW staff to watch how a scar tree is created. Audience: Secondary - Adults. View video