Goulburn Valley Water’s Pipelines Within Road Pavements Guideline is typically applied where civil works are proposed in the vicinity of Goulburn Valley Water’s underground pressure pipeline assets. These civil works, such as road construction and stormwater installations, usually undertaken by Developers and other Service Agencies (e.g. Council), may impact, conflict or undermine these assets.  

This guideline also provides criteria for any new service installation works (e.g. stormwater drain) being undertaken in the vicinity of retired AC (Asbestos Cement) pressure mains (e.g. retired AC water mains).

To facilitate replacements of assets affected by developer works or other Service Agency works, the usual Goulburn Valley Water Developer Construct process would be followed and is initiated with the submission of a feasibility report by the Goulburn Valley Water accredited engineering consultant. It is expected the feasibility report includes, but not limited to, all the required information justifying the replacement of the affected asset or assets and details of any cost share apportionments Goulburn Valley Water would be partied to, as provided for in the Pipelines Within Road Pavements Guideline.

For more information, download a copy of the Pipelines Within Road Pavements Guidelines document (PDF, 158kb)