31 January 2021

Goulburn Valley Water will be undertaking deslugding works at the Euroa and Yea wastewater management facilities between January and March to improve the wastewater treatment process. 

Various options were looked at to desludge the Euroa and Yea Wastewater Management Facilities and dredging lagoons was the most cost effective proposal to deliver the project in a safe and timely manner, with an environmentally acceptable solution.

Desludging is undertaken by siphoning the sludge (biosolids) from the lagoon floor without emptying it, enabling the wastewater treatment process to continue.

A side effect of desludging is that when sludge is disturbed, it can produce unpleasant smells.

GVW is working with the Environment Protection Authority (EPA) to ensure there are no health risks associated with the works. It is expected however, that there will be a disruption to aesthetics due to an increase in odours.

Smells will vary throughout the project depending on weather and environmental conditions.

GVW has awarded a tender and it is expected that the Contractor will commence work on-site in January 2020.

Desludging will be carried out during February and March and the project is expected to be completed in April when the facilities will return to normal operation.

Euroa and Yea residents can report odours to GVW’s 24 hour Customer Service Centre by phoning us on 1800 454 500.

You can read more in our Fact sheet - Euroa and Yea Desludging Project (PDF, 1.7MB)