Progress Report

Status update #17 -  17 September 2021

Some properties in GVW's Intelligent Metering trial towns have not had their meters swapped due to production and shipping delays - but these customers can be assured that they have not been forgotten.

Exchange of mechanical water meters for digital meters has now been underway for six months and with over 11,000 meters installed to date the installation phase is nearing completion.

However there are customers in the trial towns who have not received the new meters, and while neighbouring properties may have been swapped over, customers still with mechanical meters can be assured that they have not been forgotten or accidentally missed.

Contractor New Plumbing Solutions (NPS) will be attending these properties as soon as possible to do the swap, once more units have been received by GVW.

We apologise for the delay on these units and look forward to installation being complete across all participating properties. If unsure please feel free to call our 24/7 Customer Service Centre on 1800 45 45 00, or

Status update #16 -  18 August 2021

The Intelligent Metering Trial has so far saved over 150 customers in Mansfield, Kilmore, Broadford and Kialla both water and money, with the below anonymous examples provided by our Customer Accounts and Services team. With digital meters providing us with near-real time water use data, our team has been able to proactively contact customers to alert them to leaks early, before they instead received a higher than usual water bill months down the track. 

  • A property with a constant volume of 36L/hr running through the meter was found to have a large leak in the sprinkler system, saving the customer $120/billing cycle
  • An unoccupied commercial property with a constant volume of 187L/hr running through the meter was found to have a broken service pipe that was running directly into a stormwater drain, saving the customer over $600/billing cycle 
  • A property with a constant volume of over 400L/hr was found to have a failed evaporative air conditioner pipe running into the air conditioner drainpipe, into the house gutter and off into the stormwater in the street, saving the customer $1,300/billing cycle 
  • A commercial property with a constant volume of over 600L/hr was found to have a failed sprinkler underground connection, saving the customer $2,000/billing cycle

Many properties have also been found to have minor leaks, saving customers from $20-50 per billing cycle, with a range of causes including leaking cisterns, leaking sprinklers and failed frost valves on solar hot water services.

The results from this trial stage will feed into decisions regarding future installation of meters across the rest of our service area, so roll out in other GVW towns is under consideration at this time. Thank you to all customers in trial towns for their patience and understanding as we've rolled these out over recent months, it is great to be seeing the benefits already.

Status update #15 - 5 August 2021 - Attention customers in trial towns who have not received digital meters

Goulburn Valley Water (GVW), with project partner SUEZ and contractor New Plumbing Solutions (NPS), have installed digital water meters at most properties across Mansfield, Kilmore, Kialla and Broadford, and a number of smaller surrounding towns, as part of our Intelligent Metering Trial.

11,700 meters have been installed, however for a range of reasons, there are several customers throughout the above-mentioned towns who have not received the meters, and are on a waiting list. Due to coronavirus (COVID-19) and a factory fire that occurred in 2020, there has been a worldwide shortage of these digital meters, and GVW’s initial supply has been exhausted, with the next  shipment not expected to arrive until 2022.

The properties that have been omitted from the schedule have been selected purposefully, you have not been missed accidentally. Even in instances that a neighbouring property may have a digital meter, you can be assured that your meter is still on its way.

Customers both with and without new meters will notice that GVW contracted meter readers will continue to access your meter every four months to manually read you mechanical meter while we transistion to the digital model.

Thank you for your patience and understanding, we are doing all we can to get the next batch of meters into Australia and connected at all remaining properties as planned.

Please phone our Customer Service Centre on 1800 45 45 00 to discuss further if required.

Status update #14 -  21 June 2021

Intelligent Metering installation in Kilmore and Kilmore East will restart today, after being paused in May when coronavirus (COVID-19) restrictions were introduced. 

The program to swap mechanical meters for digital meters will continue over all of this week, with contractor New Plumbing Solutions (NPS) adhering to an agreed COVIDSafe Plan. Several NPS teams will be out and about around Kilmore to enable the project to be completed as quickly as possible.

The highly accurate water-use data obtained by these meters will ensure the integrity of GVW bills for the lifetime of the meter, over at least 12 years, and will reduce the risk of human error that can occur when collating data in the field, such as the billing error that recently impacted a number of customers in GVW's South West region.

The new system highlights instances of atypical water-use, and GVW staff are then able to highlight this anomaly to the affected customer. Since installation began in March we have identified over 150 leaks, saving customers water and money.

  • Example 1. A property with a constant volume of 7L/hour running through the meter was found to have a leaking cistern, saving customer $70/year
  • Example 2. A property with a constant volume of 36L/hr running through the meter was found to have a large leak in the sprinkler system, saving customer $360/year
  • Example 3. An unoccupied commercial property with a constant volume of 187L/hr running through the meter was found to have a broken service pipe that was running directly into a stormwater drain, saving customer over $1,800/year

Customers will the new meters will be provided with frost protection covers and are encouraged to use these in place of other covers that might impede the signal, such as metal boxes.

Please note that NPS will no longer be door knocking at customer properties to advise that they are onsite, instead they may knock on occasions where water is running through the meter only, and will also be observing the 1.5m distancing rule.  For more detailed information about the steps NPS will be taking to prevent spread of COVID-19 see below.

If you have any questions or issues regarding the Intelligent Meters please contact our call centre 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, on 1800 45 45 00.

Status update #13 -  07 June 2021

Intelligent Metering installation will restart in Kialla this week following the lifting of the coronavirus (COVID-19) lockdown for regional Victoria.

As a supplier of essential water and wastewater services, Goulburn Valley Water will be ensuring contractors New Plumbing Solutions (NPS) adhere to an agreed COVIDSafe Plan at all times. This plan enables NPS to continue with their requirements related to the ongoing provision of essential services provided by GVW. .

Please note that NPS will no longer be door knocking at customer properties to advise that they are onsite, instead they may knock on occasions where water is running through the meter only, and will also be observing the 1.5m distancing rule.

Status update #12 - 28 May 2021

The Intelligent Metering installation phase for Goulburn Valley Water's trial project is currently on hold due to coronavirus (COVID-19) restrictions. We'll let people know when installation resumes as restrictions are lifted.

Note: Some people in Broadford have been receiving water bills with higher than expected usage/costs. This is not related to the intelligent metering project in any way, and we're encouraging people who have received a higher than usual bill in Broadford to call us on 1300 360 007 to discuss.

Status update #11 - 21 May 2021

Installation of digital meters to replace mechanical water meters is underway in Kilmore. Goulburn Valley Water, with project partners SUEZ Water and New Plumbing Solutions (NPS), will be moving through the town over May/June to undertake the swap for the project, which involves your water being turned off for a short time while the exchange takes place.

 This short clip shows what is involved in the exchange process

This project will ultimately provide GVW with near-real time data to detect water leaks and help with more accurate billing. To discuss opt-out eligibility customers can call 1800 45 45 00 or email

NPS will be working in Kilmore six days a week to get these meters in the ground as efficiently as possible. Days and times include:

  • 7:30am-6pm Monday-Friday
  • 8am-3pm Saturday

There have been times that NPS has either struggled to access meters, or need to remove vegetation to reach, if you have an overgrown meter please tend to your plants and foliage in the vicinity of the meter in preparation for the work.

Similarly if you have access notes to provide, regarding your need to restrain pets, or locating a key to access the meter itself, please call 1800 45 45 00 to provide this information to the GVW team, who will pass it on to the contractors.

Meter reading will still be underway as normal for Kilmore over the same period, both GVW meter readers and NPS representatives will be making their way through the town over May/June.

Thanks for your patience and understanding while we undertake these works, feedback is welcome at 1800 45 45 00, 24 hours a day, 7 days or week, or via email at

Sam from NPS with Project Manager Jacinta O'Connor


Status update #10 - 5 May 2021

Today the Intelligent Metering Trial installation for Goulburn Valley Water moves to Kialla, near Shepparton. The program to replace mechanical meters with digital meters has moved through a number of growth towns including Broadford and Mansfield, and contractors will now spend several weeks exchanging meters in the Goulburn Valley. A media release can be found at this link.

With partner SUEZ, and subcontractor New Plumbing Solutions (NPS), the GVW trial has successfully seen over 5000 meters replaced over the last two months. Residents and businesses can expect NPS to knock on the door to check if anyone is at the property, before disconnecting the water supply for several minutes to undertake the swap. If no-one is at the property at the time, a card will be left to advise if they have completed the work, just so you're not left wondering.

The first stage of Kialla installation will occur at Kialla Lakes (south of the first Lake), and the Balmoral/Furphy/Vickers St area.

Questions are welcome, please feel free to email us at or phone 1800 45 45 00, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week if you wish to learn more, or discuss how this will impact you.

New Plumbing Solutions (NPS) will be installing digital water meters in Kialla for several weeks

Status update #9 -  26 April 2021

The Intelligent Metering Trial installation continues, with Woods Point now complete, and Broadford underway. A media release regarding the Broadford installation phase can be found at this link.

The process takes a few minutes, and if you are at the property a New Plumbing Solutions (NPS) contractor will advise that they are about to turn the water supply off for a short time. NPS will not enter before 7:30am or after 6pm Monday to Friday;  or before 8am or after 3pm Saturday. NPS is the contractor working with GVW on this project, along with project partner Suez Water.

The benefits of a digital meter include collecting near-real time data which will allow more accurate billing, among other benefits. There is no cost to the customer, and property owners who wish to discuss opt-out eligibility are welcome to do so. If you wish to learn more about the project or the technology please contact GVW on 1800 45 45 00.

Status update #8 -  12 April 2021

Our project to exchange analogue meters for new, digital meters continues; with Suez Water and contractor New Plumbing Solutions beginning work in Woods Point today to update existing digital meters.

When our contractors arrive at your property, they'll doorknock to let you know when work is beginning on your meter. If you're not home, they'll leave a card in your letterbox to let you know the work has been completed. Your water will be off for a short time (several minutes) during the transition. If you have any questions, please call us on 1800 454 500.

Status update #7 -  9 April 2021

Broadford is the next town on the schedule for the Goulburn Valley Water Intelligent Metering trial. With partner Suez Water, and contractors on the ground New Plumbing Solutions (NPS), the project is now moving into growth town Broadford, and Waterford Park, which is supplied by the same system.

Customers will start to notice NPS representatives around town, specifically in around The Parade and McKenzie St area, and also south of High St in and around Short St over the first stage (see below). Customers in other parts of town will be advised closer to their installation date.

NPS will make themselves known if you are home, if you are not home they will undertake the work, but leave a card for you to advise. Please call 1800 45 45 00 with information regarding access if required, or 1300 36 00 07 to update your contact details and provide a mobile phone number.

NPS will be installing meters in Broadford, beginnig with streets in the above general area

Status update #6 -  30 March 2021

The installation program around Mansfield has been progressing without incident, with most customers in the town having now received their digital replacement.

Remaining meters will be installed in coming days, and we will then start to move our focus to installation in the next large town, Broadford.

The first meters in Broadford will be installed from Tuesday 6 April, after the Easter long weekend. Customers will be contacted via SMS as contractors NPS move through the town. Customers who wish to update their details and mobile number can call our Customer Accounts and Services team on (ph)1300 360 007.

Status update #5 - 15 March 2021

Mechanical meters across Mansfield continue to be replaced by digital units this week, as NPS contractors move through the town.

An article in the current edition of the Courier (pg. 9) outlines the project, and a conversation with our Managing Director on Radio Mansfield on Friday explained the process and benefits to customers and GVW. From door knocking to let customers know we are onsite, through to leaving a card in the letterbox if customers are not home at the time of replacement, we are making efforts to ensure customers are aware of the process before the exchange occurs.

Contractors have enjoyed speaking to customers as they've moved through the town and welcome any queries - also customers who would like to discuss opt-out arrangements, or find out more detailed project information, can contact 1800 45 45 00.

Contractors NPS are door knocking to advise customers the exchange is taking place

Status update #4 - 12 March 2021

Installation of digital water meters on residential properties continues in Mansfield today, with several hundred homes scheduled to receive the meters in around the golf course and in a number of streets to the east of the golf course. Homes in Kidston Pde, Elvins St and Ultimo St, and surrounding streets, are expected to receive the meters over coming days.

Thanks to customers for their patience so far, the program is running smoothly and NPS are on track regarding the Mansfield, Wandong and Heathcote Junction component of the rollout.

Customers with questions can call Goulburn Valley Water on 1800 45 45 00, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. 

Contractors NPS usually take around 5-10 minutes to swap the meters over

Status update #3 - 9 March 2021

Water meters across Heathcote Junction and Wandong have been the focus for the program since the rollout began on Tuesday last week. New Plumbing Solutions (NPS) on behalf of Goulburn Valley Water and project partner Suez Water are undertaking these works and are making good progress.

As of today the rollout will begin in Mansfield, in the central area North of High St. Installation over coming days will include properties in the Somerset Cres, Cambridge Dr area, down as far as High St, including Baldry, Early, Kitchen St areas. You will receive a text to advise, with NPS doing COVIDSafe door knocks to let you know they are there, and if you're not home then a card will be left to confirm that they have been and completed the job.

Customers with questions are welcome to call 1800 45 45 00, or email


Status update #2 - 1 March 2021

New Plumbing Solutions (NPS) on behalf of Goulburn Valley Water will begin exchanging meters in Wandong and Heathcote Junction this week as the first towns on the Intelligent Metering Trial schedule. 

As of tomorrow NPS representatives will be attending properties in Wandong to remove mechanical meters and replace each one with a small digital unit. The units are weather proof and water proof, and have a small viewing panel which will allow customers to view their water use reading at any time.

Water will be turned off for several minutes for installation. Customers receiving the meters who are at home at the time will be advised that NPS are undertaking the work; customers who are not home will find a card in their letter box to advise that the work has taken place.

If you wish to speak to someone at Goulburn Valley Water regarding this project please call 1800 45 45 00 or email and someone will contact you to discuss.

Status update #1 - 1 February 2021

Goulburn Valley Water, in partnership with Suez Water, is exchanging analogue water meters for digital meters in a number of our towns to record water use for billing and data analysis.

The first batch of digital meters is to be installed in coming weeks, a major milestone with over 12 months of preparation towards this step. Communications are currently going out to those recieving the new meters, including the mail you may have received that has directed you to this web page. While all customers in trial towns are being alerted to the works via mail and other methods at the moment, you will be contacted again close to installation date, with information regarding when GVW contractors NPS are intending to visit your property. Depending on where you live, this will happen some time in coming months - you will be kept informed of when NPS will be onsite.

In the meantime, you are welcome to contact GVW with questions or to discuss, via email or phone 1800 45 45 00. 

If you live in Wandong, Heathcote Junction, Mansfield, Broadford, Kialla, Waterford Park or Kilmore, your analogue meter will likely be on a list of those to be exchanged as part of the program, and customers in Barmah and Woods Point will be receiving new intelligent meters to replace their current digital meters.

Unconfirmed timeframes below given an indication of expected timing - however these timelines are subject to change. This web page will be kept up to date.

Town Expected installation timeframe*
Wandong, Heathcote Junction 2 March - 15 March
Mansfield 9 March - 7 April
Barmah, Woods Point 16 March - 24 March 
Broadford 6 April - 3 June
Kialla 23 April - 21 May
Waterford Park 12 May
Kilmore 21 June - 28 July

*Timelines subject to change, tentative dates provided only

As mentioned above, if you are a GVW customer in any these towns you will be provided with more detailed timelines as your transfer date approaches. Keep a look out for information in your town about installation dates and remain informed as the project progresses by bookmarking this page, which will be kept up to date throughout the project, or opting in for project updates via


Overview and project summary

Meters at GVW

GVW currently monitors water usage at customer properties via an analogue meter. This meter is owned by GVW but its condition is the responsibility of the customer. However normal wear and tear of the property isolation valve, meter or service pipe is considered GVW's responsibility.

Meter reading at GVW

The analogue meters track water use in litres, and the usage is read every four months by a contracted meter reader. They do this by walking from property to property, and checking and recording the reading.This data is then fed into the system, and an account is generated based on the difference between the previous read, and the current read.

Limitations of current meter reading process

There are several limitations to the current meter reading process - however any changes will take time, in fact years, to implement.

For example, if GVW has been unable to access your meter for any reason your water usage will be estimated based on usage history. This means your actual water usage may differ from that shown on your account. 

Also, currently, GVW is able to conduct broad brush analysis of water use behaviours. Water use data can be broken down into systems, with for instance, usage over 2019/20 Summer varying from 3818ML in the Shepparton system, down to 134ML in the smaller Alexandra system. To see a map of last year's Summer usage across the region click here.

It becomes more difficult to analyse when domestic connections (including household and garden use), commercial connections and industrial connections are all included in the figure and limits GVW's ability to promote messaging on this in a meaningful way.

Planned project to change over meters in trial towns

Customer water use information will be increasingly more detailed with the installation of Intelligent Meters in a number of towns approaching, helping to reduce water wastage and detect leaks early.

Intelligent meters will be trialled in four high-growth towns – Kialla, Kilmore, Broadford and Mansfield. Older intelligent meters in Woods Point and Barmah installed several years ago will also be replaced, as they’ve reached the end of their life.

Water use data

The digital data received will help GVW to make more informed decisions for managing its water supply systems, including how repairs are prioritised and infrastructure upgrades are scheduled.

Other benefits of collecting near-real time data include more accurate billing, detecting leaks earlier in both the GVW water pipe network and at customer properties and eliminating the need to send meter readers to access customer properties.

This near-real time data will allow for improved analysis and will be useful for planning, reporting and for understanding customer water use, and highly valuable for use with the community and customers.

Customers and community can be assured that the water use data is transmitted through low level radio frequency waves, which are well within Australian safety standards. The meter trial is voluntary in that customers will be offered an opportunity to opt out of the project and retain their current meter.

Installation information

Customers in towns who will be receiving these meters will be contacted and kept informed as the installation stage approaches, via a range of methods including social media updates, letters, media releases, SMS messages, and this webpage.

Installation will involve removal of the existing analogue meter, and immediately replacing it with a new meter. Customers can expect up to 10-15min water supply interruption, but will be advised when this is occuring.

Project details

Waste collection, recycling and water treatment specialists Suez Water have been announced as the successful contractor for the project.

Installation will begin in early 2021, with results from this trial stage informing GVW’s decision regarding future commitment to installing meters across the rest of the service area.

Culturally and Linguistically Diverse (CALD) resource available

It is estimated that over 15% of Goulburn Valley Water's customers speak a language at home other than English. If someone you know needs help to understand the purpose and impacts of GVW's Intelligent Metering Trial then please share this video with them.



Customers are encouraged to provide feedback on this project or GVW's services on 1800 45 45 00, and any customer wishing to discuss an opt-out arrangement can do via initial enquiry email to   

Intelligent Metering Trial resources available for download

  • The DL flyer is available as a PDF here (101kb).
  • The CALD video resource explaining the project is available here.