Progress Report

Status update #5 - 13 October 2021

Works to improve security of supply are continuing at Katunga Water Treatment Plant.

Another cut-in will be undertaken today, and as a result GVW will be relying on stored supply from approximately 9:30am, with an additional supply on standby if required.

It is most likely customers will remain unaffected by this work.

If you have questions or feedback regarding this project please contact or Customer Service Centre on 1800 45 45 00 or email


Status update #4 - 27 September 2021

Works at the Katunga WTP are progressing well, with no delays or interruption to the works and the weather working in our favour.

As usual, Katunga customers are currently being provided with extracted bore water that is treated at ground level and distributed to the town via the elevated tower. Due to the works at the site, on Wednesday morning this week, 29th September, the inlet pipe that feeds into the elevated tank will be cut. For a period of about four hours, from approximately 9:30am, GVW will be relying on stored supply, from both the top of the tower and the clear water storage supply tank on the ground.

Customers can be assured that, if for some reason this back up supply is exhausted, we will have further back up on standby on Wednesday, although it is most likely customers will remain unaffected by this work.

Thanks for your patience as we continue these improvement works in Katunga.


Status update #3 - 20 September 2021

Works to construct the additional clear water storages at the Katunga Water Treatment Plant site are underway as of this week.

Any customers with feedback on this project or other GVW matters can contact or 1800 45 45 00 (24hr).

Status update #2 - 7 September 2021

The drilling contractor has completed work at the Katunga Water Treatment Plant site after completing the bore drilling component of the work. There is still testing to occur at the site and some flushing while they ripen the bore, which will occur in 3-4 weeks time.

The second significant part of the work to take place on the site is the Water Treatment Plant upgrade which will involve construction of 150kL of additional storage. The vegetation around the perimeter of the GVW site has been removed in preparation, and removal of fencing panels is also underway.

Also taking place at this stage is breaking up and removal of any redundant pipe work and or concrete, and clearing and compacting of the site in preparation for construction.

The construction of three 50kL tanks will be underway by mid-late September.


Status update #1 - 19 May 2021

Preparation for bore drilling is now underway at Katunga Water Treatment Plant, with noticeable activity onsite this week. This marks the recommencement of works at the site, which have been on hold due to coronavirus (COVID-19). Further details can be seen below.

Customers with questions about this project are invited to call 1800 45 45 00, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Katunga WTP - 19th May 2021


Project overview

14 May 2021

Works that have been on hold at the Katunga Water Treatment Plant will recommence in coming days.

Prior to coronavirus (COVID-19) there were preliminary upgrade works taking place at the site. This included decommissioning of one of the two bores on the site, due to its age and condition, and sinking a test bore for an alternative. Bore drilling will commence at the site in coming days and works will be underway again. A contract has been awarded to RCE Australia to complete other aspects, including construction of 150kL of additional storage, with construction expected to begin in the second half of this year.

Of our 37 water supply systems, Katunga is GVW's only bore water supplied system, which introduces unique challenges due to the mineralised supply. While the works mentioned above are intended to address the reliability of the supply to Katunga, they are not likely to immediately address other concerns raised by customers, either regarding water quality, or water pressure. 

Water quality

Ongoing water quality testing, conducted by an indepedent laboratory, takes place at a range of allocated points in Katunga on a regular basis.

Salinity and calcium results in this system have read higher than average for some time - but both parameters, along with all other tested parameters, continue to fall within the safe range of Australian Drinking Water Guidelines.

GVW is investigating options to address the water quality in Katunga, and work to drill a new bore and draw water from the deep lead may contribute to an improvement here.

Water pressure

The water in Katunga flows via gravity from the tower and moves through the network at an average speed of 1 metre per second in peak times (7am-9am and 5pm-8pm) through a 100mm diameter main.

Once it reaches the customer's property it diverts into a 20mm diameter pipe that comes off the main, and the water enters the property via a water meter that measures the volume. At this point the flow rate slows and the exact speed of the water through each property's connection will vary.

Prior to COVID-19 GVW ran a flow rate project in Katunga, and these results were consistent with all Operational team findings - that water supplied to Katunga customers continues to be within the flow (pressure) range stated in the GVW customer charter. With pressure being dependent on the height of the tower, and the infrastructure in the ground, flow rates are unlikely to be impacted by the current bore drilling works.

This webpage will be updated with project developments. Any customers with feedback on this matter or other GVW matters can contact or 1800 45 45 00 (24hr).