27 February 2020

Goulburn Valley Water is investigating flow rates in Katunga. You can help us by conducting a bucket test at your property and providing the results before Friday 13th March 2020.

Katunga's water supply

Katunga's reticulated water is extracted from a bore, treated at the water treatment plant opposite the general store, and then pumped up to the tank on the water tower. The water then flows via gravity from the tower and makes its way through the network at an average speed of 1 metre per second in peak times (7am-9am and 5pm-8pm) through a 100mm diameter main.

Once it reaches your property it diverts into a 20mm diameter pipe that comes off the main and heads into your property, via a water meter that measures the volume. At this point the flow rate slows and the exact speed of the water through each property's connection will vary.

Conducting a bucket test - SUBMIT RESULTS HERE before Friday 13th March 2020

If you sit a standard 10L bucket under the tap CLOSEST TO THE WATER METER at the front of your property, and time exactly how many seconds it takes to fill, this will indicate whether the flow you are receiving past the meter is within the accepted range as stipulated by Goulburn Valley Water's Customer Charter.

Once you have a result in seconds, please submit your data via this link, or send the information, including the time and day you undertook the test, and your property address, via email to communications@gvwater.vic.gov.au, or phone 1800 45 45 00, before Friday 13th March 2020.

So to summarise:

  1. Equipment needed - 10L bucket, stopwatch/timer
  2. Find closest tap to meter
  3. Time how long it takes to fill bucket
  4. Submit your data AT THIS LINK before Friday 13th March 2020
  5. Use water on the garden, or elsewhere! 

Also for customer information, later this year there will be works taking place at the Water Treatment Plant - you can learn more about the Katunga WTP upgrade this link.

Katunga Water Treatment Plant will be upgraded in 2020

A temporary 30kL poly tank is being used to ensure continual supply to customers in case of emergency, as Katunga is currently relying on supply from one bore rather than the usual two.