16 September 2019

Residents in Kilmore East will benefit from an improved level of service following the completion of a project to upgrade a section of the water supply network last week, which will also help minimise instances of loss of water supply.

Several residents had experienced low pressure in the supply network, with some receiving no flow at some stages as well – particularly during times of peak demand.

On September 9, we commissioned a new 100mm pressure reducing valve, which has seen a significant increase in the pressure (now 8.5 litres per second, almost double the old pressure), especially in elevated areas.

Previously, this section of the network transitioned from a 200mm PVC water main to a 80mm pressure reducing valve, then transitioning to an 80mm cast iron pipe and returning to a 100mm PVC pipe, then a 150mm PVC pipe, before reaching Kilmore East. The cast iron pipe was severely corroded, which also limited the water flow.

This resulted in low pressures, and very little flow for customers during times of high demand, especially in elevated areas of the town. In some cases, it also created a loss of water supply for some customers.

To improve this, we replaced the 80mm pressure reducing valve with a 100mm pressure reducing valve and replaced the 80mm corroded cast iron pipe with 100mm ductile iron pipe.

With the replacement project now complete, we expect residents will experience steady, higher pressure rates in an improved supply.

If you experience any pressure issues, please contact our 24-hour Customer Service Centre team immediately on 1800 454 500. If you witness any activity where unauthorised tankers appear to be taking water from the network, i.e. from hydrants, please also continue to report it to us.

The new pressure reducing valve installed to improve supply at Kilmore East.