A concrete pour with a difference!
A1 Quality Concrete Tanks is currently constructing a 2.2 ML concrete tank at the Nathalia Water Treatment Plant. With the hot conditions including temperatures exceeding 35 degrees, there were limited opportunities to pour the base of the new tank.

Water retaining structures require a very strong, stiff and unique concrete mix. This type of mix however has a tendency to cure very quickly and the risk of failure is higher when undertaking a pour in very high temperatures. The need to get the work completed on time required a strategy that would allow work to go ahead whilst reducing the risk of construction failure.

A plan was put in place, the steel work inspected and the contractor given the go ahead to prepare for the pour. How did we get around the high temperature issue you might ask? We went ahead when temperatures are lower - a night time pour.

The concrete pour was carried out between 1am and 5am and the floor now has a small sand barrier laid around the perimeter of the concrete and has been flooded with water to help the curing process, sprinklers are also in operation.

An excellent outcome for all.