Sunday 3 April, 2PM

The trial at the Shepparton Water Treatment Plant is now complete, and we've finished all associated works, including switching back to our normal pumping arrangements. The trial was succesful and we now have a good understanding of our response capacity should an emergency situation affect the pump at the Welsford St treatment plant. 

You can resume all normal water usage, including outdoor water use. Thanks so much for your patience and understanding while we carried out the trial, and your help in reducing water use to take the pressure off the treatment plant.

The bypass pumps set up at the back of the Welsford St treatment plant during the trial.

Thursday 31 March 

To ensure we're prepared for any future emergency, we're running a trial to practice our incident response for our water supply system in Shepparton, similar to exercises emergency services carry out.

The trial will test running the water treatment plant from an alternate raw water pump system, in response to any emergency – fire, flood, debris damage, different river levels etc – or major failure affecting the existing pump in the Goulburn River.

It will run from 8am on Sunday, April 3, until about 4.30pm

During the trial, we're asking residents supplied from this plant (Shepparton, Mooroopna, Kialla, Tallygaroopna, Toolamba and Congupna) to reduce thier non-essential water use to help reduce the water demand pressure on the treatment process. We'll let customers know via text message when they can resume normal water use and update this page and our Facebook.

People can still use water for essential needs, like drinking, cooking and washing, but are asked to limit their outdoor and non-essential water use on Sunday while the main pump is offline.

The walking track at the rear of the water treatment plant will be closed between Princess Park Clinic and the tennis courts with heavy equipment operating in the area, with people asked to detour along Welsford St and Tom Collins Drv.

It has been planned to run at a time where water use is the lowest in cooler weather, and will have the least impact possible on Shepparton’s industrial customers.

The trial is critical part of our continuity and emergency planning, to ensure we’re prepared and can continue to deliver essential water services in an emergency situation.

If you experience any issues with your water supply, please contact us on 1800 454 500 (24/7).