Update - 17 November 2020

We successfully completed major repair works at the Shepparton Water Treatment Plant overnight Monday night. 

We're really appreciative of your efforts to reduce outdoor water use over the past two nights while works were being carried out and the water treatment plant was offline - so thank you. Your efforts really made a difference - particularly last night - and ensured we could maintain water supply until the treatment plant came back online Tuesday morning. 

Please resume normal outdoor water use - we thank you for your patience and understanding!

This image below taken during last night's works gives a scale of the size of the pipes we were carrying out critical repairs on. 

12 November 2020

We’re undertaking major repair works at the Shepparton Water Treatment Plant this weekend (Sunday and Monday – 15 and 16 November) which will impact the plant’s running capacity between Sunday and Tuesday.

The works involve repairs to two sections of large diameter pipework, which means the water treatment plant needs to be offline overnight while works are carried out – this is expected to take about 8 hours. Repairs to one section will be carried out Sunday night, while the second section repairs will be completed overnight Monday.

To reduce the pressure on the water storages and to allow them time to fully refill following the works, we’re asking people supplied from this plant (Shepparton, Kialla, Mooroopna, Congupna, Toolamba and Tallygaroopna) to reduce their outdoor water usage from Sunday to Tuesday night.

If you plan to water your lawn or garden, please do so on Saturday night or before, or delay until Tuesday evening or later. Remember, Permanent Water Saving rules are in place, meaning you can only water lawns and gardens with a sprinkler or automated system between 6pm and 10am. You can use water indoors as normal throughout this time.

We’ll update this webpage when works are completed. These repairs will help us continue to deliver essential services and provide safe and reliable water for our customers. We’re really sorry for any inconvenience and thank you for your patience.

If you have any queries, please phone our Customer Service Centre (24 hours) on 1800 454 500.