Our Water Services Agreement (WSA) formalises our obligations for the provision of water related services to our customers and provides a commitment to government in terms of the level and standard of service provision and improved business efficiencies. We report quarterly to government on performance against targets set in the WSA.

We are guided by our Vision and Values together with policies such as our Business Performance Policy (PDF, 60kb), Environment Policy (PDF, 46kb), Occupational Health and Safety Policy (PDF, 89kb), and Risk Management Policy (PDF, 55kb). We also have a Customer Family Violence Policy (PDF, 59kb).

We have a Diversity and Inclusion Strategy that focuses on building a more inclusive culture to embrace diversity, celebrate difference and encourage participation to meet our corporate goals and objectives. Goulburn Valley Water is an employer of choice that attracts and retains talented women, men and gender diverse people of all different backgrounds and enables them to thrive in their roles to serve our customers and community. Our Gender Equality Action Plan (PDF, 3,685 kb) helps us the bridge the gaps for gender inequality across 7 indicators as identified by the Commission for Gender Equality.

Our Stakeholder Engagement Policy (PDF, 43kb) outlines our commitment to ensuring our decisions are guided by the priorities of customers and the wider community. We also have a Customer Strategy (PDF, 1.1MB) and a Commmunications and Engagement Strategy (PDF, 634MB).

Further information about us can be found in our Corporate Plan (PDF, 2,850kb).

Statement of Obligations

In addition to our key role of customer service, we also meet a wide range of regulatory obligations.

Our Statement of Obligations outlines the obligations imposed on us by the Minister in relation to the performance of our functions and exercise of powers including our role in customer and community engagement, risk management, planning, water services and compliance.

We also have a Statement of Obligation - Emission Reduction (PDF, 360kb)  that outlines our emissions reduction targets.