Goulburn Valley Water currently has 28, predominantly overhead, standpipes - 24 of which are required to be progressively upgraded.

Most of the existing standpipes are overhead fill. All users of these standpipes must register with GVW and by doing so are issued with a designated Standpipe key. These keys unlock a lock that provides access to the on/off valve on the standpipe. Water meter readings are currently recorded in a book which is collected at the end of each month by GVW staff and returned to head office where Finance Team to calculate and issues invoices based on these recordings.

GVW experienced a number of issues with standpipes during the summer of 2015/16. The current system relies on an honesty system and GVW checking hard copy books at regular intervals. This system is time consuming and inefficient and has led to theft of water, both intentionally and unintentionally. The new system will free up resources in the field and in the office, which could be better used on other tasks and improve safety for water carters, farmers, CFA and members of the public by moving to a waist level fill.

The new systems will deliver a standard design whereby water is delivered at waist height and payments are made via an account card (GVW issue) or credit/debit card payment for infrequent users (no cash payment option). The units will be solar powered, allowing the systems to work at times of mains power outages and have a standardised 80mm male camlock fitting with a 25mm connection available for small users. These options will increase the number of customers able to access standpipes and provide water supply for infrequent or one off purchases. A major benefit of the new system is that all usage is captured and transaction details transferred electronically, negating the need for GVW staff to collect books, get them back to head office and create invoices.

GVW has Tendered and appointed a supplier to assist with this project, with the successful Contractor being Abberfield Industries Pty Ltd. The total cost for the project is $748,000.

Please visit the standpipe page for more information.