Direct Debit simply means your water account is automatically debited from your nominated bank, building society or credit union account, when your account is due so you always pay on time!

You will know in advance the amount that will be debited because you will receive your account in the mail as usual. Instead of asking you to pay, the account will inform you of the amount that will be debited when payment is due. There are no extra costs to pay your account by Direct Debit, apart from the usual fees applied by your bank or financial institution.

If you find you have a dispute with your account, let us know within 3 days of having received your account and we will make sure that only the undisputed amount is debited, until the dispute is settled.

To set up a direct debit or to change or cancel an existing one complete our Direct Debit Form electronically or print the form and post it to:

Reply Paid 185
Goulburn Valley Water
PO Box 185
Shepparton VIC 3632

After we receive the form we will pass it onto your bank or financial institution for the application of Direct Debit Authority. If you have further queries contact 1300 360 007.