Floods can cause damage and disruptions to our water and wastewater services that may affect households, businesses and communities.

If you are buying, leasing, renting or proposing to build on a property or already own a property you should know your flood risk and how to manage it.

Flood management is a whole of community responsibility. While local, state and federal governments have an important role, floods cannot be stopped. Flood damage can be reduced by being FloodSafe. Being FloodSafe involves proper planning before a flood and taking the right actions during and after the flood.

The Bureau of Meteorology issues warnings for most floods and these are broadcast on ABC and other radio stations. If heavy rain is falling, tune into the radio to listen for flood warnings and updates. Have a battery operated radio with spare batteries handy as there is often a power failure during storms which cause floods.

In the case of a flood, DO NOT use floodwater for drinking or cooking. Contact Us or check our Service Interruptions to ensure tap water is safe for use.

Visit FloodSafe for more information on floods in Victoria.