Developer Construct Agreements (PDF, 413kb) are the standard agreement entered into between Goulburn Valley Water and a Developer for a development project requiring the extension of water and sewerage services.

A Developer Construct Agreement is also required between us and Local Government or other Service Agencies for works other than development projects that require alterations to existing sewerage and water infrastructure that may be required because of other infrastructure projects. Examples include:

  • Lowering a water main to suit a proposed roundabout;
  • Realigning an existing sewer rising main to suit a proposed stormwater drainage pipeline; and 
  • Replacing a water main in DICL due to reduced cover from road pavement reconstruction.

Consultants are required to submit a Feasibility Report to get the Land Development process under way. Please use our  Guide to Feasibility Report (Word, 92kb) as a reference for all submissions, simply delete the sections of the template that are not applicable to the development. The final accepted feasibility report forms part of the Developer Construct Agreement (PDF, 413kb).

At the end of each stage and before proceeding to the next stage the Consultant must complete the Certification Documentation and submit them to us. These documents include a checklist of items and are a representation by the Consultant that the design and construction of the works are in accordance with the Developer Construct Agreement and our Design Guidelines.

There are various Project Completion Forms that must be completed with each project and submitted with your request for preliminary acceptance.

Submit all correspondance to