The following Standard Operating Instructions, Standard Drawings, Standard Details and Forms are in line with the WSAA Water Reticulation Code of Australia for our water reticulation systems.

GVW Supplement: WSAA (MRWA edition) Water Supply Code of Australia V2 (PDF, 512kb)

This supplement describes GVW’s requirements for water supply works. It references the WSAA Water Supply Code of Australia, Melbourne Retail Water Agencies edition, Version 2.0 of WSA-03-2011-3.1 (the code) and the MRWA water supply standards and associated specifications and tools. GVW variations from MRWA practice and GVW preferences are documented in the supplement and take precedence over the MRWA standards. This supplement (V2) came into effect from 1 January 2019.

Standard Operating Instructions (SOI)

Water Main Shutdown (Planned) Procedure

Please note: all new water mains are to be disinfected in accordance with GVW requirements. Guidance and suggestions to satisfy this and manage water quality is provided in the following:

New Water Infrastructure Water Quality Procedure (PDF, 2.3MB)

Disinfection of Water Pipe Used for Repair Safe Work Instruction

Shutdown Disinfection and Flushing of Water Mains


Form: Water Main Shutdown Methodology Statement (PDF, 65kb)

Form: Water Main Shutdown Request

Form: Water Main Pressure Flow Test

Form: Water Main Sampling Application (PDF, 135kb)