We rely on plumbers and builders to provide quality services to our residential and business customers. It is a requirement that plumbers and builders hold all necessary permits, authorities and licences required to carry out such works and be able to produce these when requested.

Victorian Building Authority (VBA) Consent to Connect (PIC) numbers will only be issued to a licenced plumber.

Please see our Conditions of Connection (PDF, 85kb) for more detail.

We've also put together our Metering and Servicing Guidelines document (PDF, 6MB), which you can download a copy of. 

You can also find more information on the excavation compliance code and practical guidance on complying with your obligations under Victoria's occupational health and safety legislation at WorkSafe Victoria's website.

Water meters

The water meter will be supplied and fitted by our staff however, a plumber must prepare the site up to and including the meter assembly in accordance with AS/NZ3500 ready for meter installation.

When disconnecting the water supply, the water meter must not be removed from the existing connection, your licenced plumber must contact the Property Services Team on (03) 5832 4640 to arrange the disconnection.


It is an illegal and chargeable offence to install a solid bridging piece to any meter assembly within our district.

All materials for water tappings are to be supplied and fitted by the plumber and are to be approved in accordance with AS/NZS3500 and GVW’s approved equipment list - for more information see Melbourne Retail Water Agencies' products page.

Properties with pre-tapped or dry-tapped connections must have the meter fit booked in with the Property Services Team prior to a VBA/PIC consent number being issued.

All tapped offtake repair clamps are to be stainless steel 316, minimum 2-bolted type with a TPFNR ferrule.

All tappings larger than 40mm and all fire service tappings are to be conducted under pressure by a hydraulic tapping services company. A plumber is required to contact us to inspect work prior to backfilling, providing at least 48 hours’ notice.

A plumber is responsible for repairing leaks within 3 days on tappings for 12 months after the tapping is installed or banded off at the main.

When wet tappings are required for subdivisions, a plumber must submit a tapping plan within five days. It must be on the correct form (see below) and in the correct format - non-compliant plans will be returned if they are incomplete and you'll need to resubmit your plan.

You can download a copy of our Water Tapping Plan application form (PDF, 72kb).

Drainage Plans

Plumbers are responsible for drawing and submitting a Drainage Plan to us within 5 days of completing works using our Drainage Plan Template (PDF, 50kb). A plumber must also supply us with a Drainage Plan on completion of works for all cut and seals.

Plans do not need to be to scale but must be drawn in black pen and include tie point offsets and depth, drain lengths, running tie measurements, property boundaries, Plumbing Industry Commission (PIC) numbers, connection date, trade waste pre-treatment facilities, plumber name and licence number.

When an alteration to an existing sewer connection is required a plumber shall obtain the existing Drainage Plan from us and include the amendment. We regulate submitted Drainage Plans and non-compliant plans will be returned if they are incomplete and re-submission will be required.

A plumber must ensure the Drainage Plan is submitted to us prior to the Compliance Certificate being signed.

More information for Plumbers and Builders can be found below or by contacting our Property Services Team at property@gvwater.vic.gov.au or calling 03 5832 4640 Monday to Friday 8:00am - 4:15pm.

Conditions of Connection (PDF, 85kb)

Drainage Plan form (PDF, 70kb)

Procedure for wet tappings on pipe burst AC mains (PDF, 34kb)