Goulburn Valley Water’s reticulated water network is normally maintained at consistent pressure so that water can flow consistently from your internal fixtures.

In times of high demand on the water system, reduced pressure may occur. These events could be a water main break or due to firefighting requirements. The reduced pressure in the network may reverse the flow of water from your property, potentially drawing contaminated water back into the network. This is called backflow.

Backflow from a domestic property is rarely a problem, all Goulburn Valley Water-provided residential water meters have a simple yet effective backflow prevention device installed within the meter.

Commercial and industrial customers, especially those with a Trade Waste apparatus installed generally require an appropriate backflow prevention solution. We recommend that property owners seek the advice from a Backflow Accredited Licenced Plumber to determine the site’s hazard rating and appropriate hazard reduction device.

Alternatively, you may receive correspondence from our contractor CIS Inspection Services advising of the identified risk and requesting that you install a new hazard appropriate device or test your existing device. We encourage you to contact CIS Services on 1800 627 173 to seek further information if required.

You can find more information about CIS Services at their website.

Download a copy of our Backflow Prevention Guidelines (PDF, 1.3MB)

Apply for Consent to Install a Backflow Prevention Device (PDF, 101kb)

Find more information on our Trade Waste page.