If you have sold your commercial property and are using a Solicitor or Conveyancing business they will notify us on your behalf at settlement. However it is your responsibility to ensure that we have your correct mailing address.

Water Information Statements

A water information statement is prescribed under the Water Act. Vendors of property in our service region are required to provide an information statement prior to contract signing under the Sale of Land Act 1962.

An Information Statement provides all information related to the requested property, water and sewerage service charges and estimated consumption up until the requested settlement date. This statement is to detail any encumbrance affecting the land (excluding those shown on land titles), works required to be carried out, matters outstanding and any relevant rate or change.

Information statements are provided to solicitors, conveyancers and customers doing their own conveyancing.

To apply for an Information Statement complete the form below or visit LANDATA.

Water Information Statement Application Form

Special Meter Reads

We recommend all purchasers of separately metered properties to obtain a special meter reading at property settlement to ensure an accurate reading of water use from settlement. A special meter reading fee is attached to all requests.

To apply for a special meter read complete the form below.

Special Meter Read Application Form

Monthly accounts are available to customers who apply for information statements and special meter readings on a regular basis.

Customers who do not fit the above criteria may still use our electronic form, although payment together with your generated receipt number must be received at our Shepparton office before the statements will be issued.

For further information please contact our Customer Service Staff .