Leaks can waste significant amounts of water and may be hidden from view as they can occur anywhere on your property.

The following are examples of leaks that may occur at your property and can affect your water consumption:

  • Dripping taps
  • Running toilet cistern
  • Faulty appliances such as hot water systems and evaporative air conditioners
  • Watering systems
  • Concealed burst pipes.

To determine if you have a leak:

  1. Locate and read your meter and record the reading.
  2. Ensure no water is used either within the house or outside over a reasonable period of time, such as overnight.
  3. Read your meter again and record the reading.
  4. Deduct the first reading from the second reading. If there is a difference, you may have a leak.

If you suspect a leak at your property, contact a licensed plumber as soon as possible to locate and repair it. It is advisable that you turn off the stop tap at the meter where possible to eliminate further loss of water.