The meter which services your property is owned by us. It measures how much water you use and its condition is your responsibility. It is generally located near the front of you property, often just inside the fence. It is important you know where your meter is located so if required you can stop the flow of water to your house by turning off the stop tap.

You must maintain clear access to your water meter at all times and ensure the meter is completely above ground level and clear of all obstructions. This includes ensuring the horizontal pipes and the body of the meter are always left clear of concrete.

If we are unable to access your meter for any reason your water usage will be estimated based on usage history. This means your actual water usage may differ from that shown on your account. To ensure you always receive an account based on an actual meter reading, please keep your meter accessible.

We have two kinds of meters in our service area - digital and analogue (traditional). 
If you have an analogue meter, it will look like this: 

Meter top view

Meter profile

Meter detail

If you have a digital (intelligent) meter, it will look like this:

Reading your meter
To read your meter follow these steps:

  1. Read your meter and make a note of all the numbers and the date.
  2. Read your meter again and make a note of all the numbers and the number of days between the readings.
  3. Calculate the consumption by deducting the first reading from the second reading. Divide the consumption by the number of days to calculate the average daily consumption.

Water consumption is charged by the kilolitre. Kilolitres are indicated in black digits while parts or fractions of kilolitres are indicated in white or red digits. 1 kilolitre is 1000 litres.

Testing your water meter

We take all reasonable steps to ensure your meter reads accurately. If you think your water meter reading is high and you don't believe you have any leaks, you can ask us to test it. Tests will be carried out independently and if the meter is found to read higher than industry standards, we will replace it and refund the test costs. If the meter is working accurately, you will be responsible for test costs. 

You can complete a request online for a Water Meter Accuracy Test.