Water supply

As the property owner, anything on your side of the meter (or, if there is no meter or the meter is not installed at the property boundary, the stop valve at the property boundary) is your responsibility. We are not responsible for damage to property or infrastructure on your side of the meter.

Water meters

Your meter is your responsibility. Although meters remain our property, you are responsible for the maintenance of a meter on your property. If your meter (or any part of your meter) is damaged or vandalised, regardless of the cause of the damage, you will be required to employ a plumber to undertake repairs.

We will however consider normal wear and tear of the property isolation valve, meter or service pipe to be within our responsibilities.

Property service pipes

The property service pipe are the pipe and fittings from our water main to your water meter (or stop valve at the property boundary).

We assume responsibility for the ongoing maintenance of service pipes, with the exception of fire service pipes, backflow prevention devices installed at the outlet of the meter, private extensions (defined as a pipe serving a property that is not fronted by our water main), or property service pipes from private extensions. Click here for the Water Services Maintenance and Repairs Fact Sheet.

Your pipes and tree roots

Tree roots can cause significant problems to pipes, including blockages and damage. The Tree roots and pipes information sheet provides advice on how to avoid this costly problem.

Sewerage services

As the property owner you are responsible for maintaining all plumbing and fixtures up to the connection point to our sewer. This includes:

  • Taking all reasonable steps to maintain and keep in good working order all sanitary works and parts of the sanitary drain assembly that are not our assets. This includes cleansing, flushing, repairing and if necessary replacing sanitary works, and ensuring the works operate in a hygienic manner, not subject to any damage that would allow water or sewage to infiltrate or leak from the works.
  • Combined sanitary works (property drain) located on another serviced property and the extended sanitary works (property drain) not within a road; and
  • Sewer connection drains from private extensions.

Click here for the Sewerage Services Maintenance and Repairs Fact Sheet

Removal of trees

We may request that you remove trees and vegetation from water meters, property service pipes and sewerage infrastructure.

For further information regarding your responsibilities and sewerage services please view our Customer Charter and the Water (Estimation, Supply and Sewerage) Regulations 2014.

You may find out where your connection point is and obtain details of our procedures for maintenance of sewer house branches by contacting our Technical Customer Service team on 1800 454 500.