It is against the law for businesses to discharge trade waste without a Trade Waste Consent or Agreement.

Section 178 of the Water Act 1989, states that it is an offence to discharge trade waste into the sewerage system managed by Goulburn Valley Water without a Trade Waste Agreement or consent.

Penalty: 200 penalty units and, for a continuing offence, an additional penalty of 80 penalty units for each day on which the offence continues. To view the current value per penalty unit please see

In certain circumstances the premises may be disconnected from the sewerage system.

Information regarding trade waste discharges and your responsibilities inline with the EPA victoria can be found here Wastewater guidance for industry | Environment Protection Authority Victoria (

For more information about the Water Act 1989, you can visit the Victorian Legislation and Parliamentary Documents website and go to the Victorian Law Today section and search for 'water act', or download Authorised version 139 (2023).