There are two types of liquid waste cartage that we deal with – Septage or septic tank waste and trade waste.  

All waste carters are provided access to our Septage Management and Trade Waste monitoring system, WasteID, free of charge upon application.

We use this system to monitor our customers compliance with Trade Waste pre-treatment servicing against individual trade waste consents or agreements and is also used for Septage or septic tank clean out offloads at our five septage receival sites.

For our customers to be compliant with their required Trade Waste servicing obligations as per their Trade Waste Consent or Agreement, they must use a waste carter who records the service in WasteID, a list of compliant contractors can be found here. To be considered a compliant contractor, you must apply for access and use WasteID consistently to record trade waste servcing, non compliant contractors will be removed from the list.

GVW do not operate any facilities that can accept waste collected by servicing trade waste devices.

We can accept septic tank waste (septage) at the below locations; 






For septage, we charge per litre based on your total truck volume for each discharge regardless of actual volume. For example, a 10000l truck carrying 8500l septic waste would be charged for 10000l per offload.  

To apply for access to WasteID for Trade Waste Servicing and/or as a Septic Waste Carter please complete the application form.